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Promote Media Exposure for Multispecialty Practice

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is a 60-year-old multispecialty group practice located in Houston. Its more than 320 doctors practice more than 40 medical specialties in 18 Houston-area locations. Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is part of the St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, and its Kelsey Research Foundation functions to improve community health through information, education, and research studies.

The Challenge
Kelsey-Seybold’s active in-house marketing staff required external media relations support to form and sustain awareness among current and potential patients throughout the geographically expansive Houston region. Kelsey-Seybold employed FrogDog in the second quarter of 2007 to promote a wide diversity of topics including key health care service lines and facility openings. FrogDog also supplied vital crisis and issues management counseling.

The FrogDog Approach
Kelsey-Seybold’s ubiquity in the Houston region and its physicians’ day-to-day relationships with patients supply opportunities to embrace commonplace health matters that touch just about everyone at some point in their lives.

FrogDog leveraged these strengths to pitch reports about key business lines such as pediatrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, dermatology, and cancer screenings. The media relations team centered on seasonal issues—like summertime eye injuries and wintertime influenza season—and diligently supervised media inquiries to match physicians to reporters already working on relevant accounts.

The FrogDog team supplied media relations reinforcement for key Kelsey-Seybold associations including its support of the Houston Wellness Association, the Galleria Chamber of Commerce, and Hope through Grace, a nonprofit devoted to raising consciousness of colorectal cancer and screenings.

By establishing new relationships for Kelsey-Seybold with outlets such as Texas Family magazine and sports radio channel ESPN the Ticket, FrogDog widened the reach of the clinic’s commercializing endeavors.

Additionally, FrogDog worked with Kelsey-Seybold to publicize new facility openings, its 60th anniversary, and the 95th birthday of its founder, Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey.

FrogDog drew on its comprehensive and award-winning crisis and issues management experience to effectively communicate about a diversity of topics. It likewise helped develop and build a web log on health care reform for a Kelsey-Seybold physician–executive.

The Outcomes
Comparing calendar year 2007 to 2008, FrogDog nearly trebled the broadcast time devoted to Kelsey-Seybold. This resulted from pitching pertinent seasonal reports and founding a weekly appearance on ESPN the Ticket for a leading Kelsey-Seybold orthopedic surgeon. That relationship directly resulted in significantly bigger call volume and appointment scheduling in the orthopedics department.

FrogDog’s work increased Kelsey-Seybold’s total column inches in print despite the Houston Chronicle’s shrinking news space and the demise of its weekly health care page in favor of a lifestyle-oriented monthly tab.

FrogDog helped Kelsey-Seybold mitigate—and in some events avoid—media crises.

Overall, FrogDog increased Kelsey-Seybold’s media impression in 2008 to more than 96 million and the media-equivalent value of its press exposure to nearly $900,000.